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PRIVACY POLICY -  Data protection

This notice is addressed to all visitors to the website.

The Fasac Spa website is designed to minimise the processing of personal data.

The data controller is FASAC Spa, P.I. 08010470154, with registered office in Via Alessandro Manzoni 222, 22070 Cassina Rizzardi (CO) - e-mail - telephone 031 8829711. You can contact us for any information, clarifications regarding this policy and to exercise your rights under EU Regulation 679/2016 (hereinafter GDPR).

Access to this website involves the collection and processing of the following personal data Data relating to the IP address of the connected user: these are personal data, but they do not enable FASAC to establish the identity of the person concerned. These data are necessary to establish the connection between the terminal used and the site server. The IP address is recorded in the server's connection logs. The data is kept for the period set by the operator of the infrastructure hosting the site. These processing operations have a technical function necessary for the publication of the website itself, are based on a legitimate interest and have the sole purpose of meeting the general expectation of being able to contact a website published and accessible on the Internet. This data will be communicated to the provider on whom we rely for the publication, management and development of the site, who we designate as data controller.

The site uses cookies with a purely technical function and with a duration limited to the browsing session. Third party tracking technologies and Leadfeeder cookies are also used and activated only with your consent. Navigation can take place without the need to give consent. For more information please visit Leadfeeder website:

IP address data may be used to compile aggregate statistics about visits to the Site through first party analytical systems managed directly by us. Aggregate statistics do not include sensitive information. If the visitor so requests, we may receive direct communications, inquiry emails, unsolicited application emails and other forms of contact from the user through the Site. In all these cases, the personal data will be processed in order to respond to the requests received and will be further processed as commercial correspondence in accordance with article 2220 of the Civil Code or as fiscal documentation, if relevant for VAT purposes.

Such data will be communicated to specifically authorised internal personnel and data processors. Unsolicited applications will be processed for pre-contractual purposes aimed at internal placement and recruitment. Applications will be retained for a maximum of 12 months and then deleted. Applications that result in employment will be added to the personnel file and processed in accordance with the employee information notice provided at the time of employment.

Every visitor to the website has the rights provided for by the GDPR with regard to their personal data, so they can contact us to access their data and obtain confirmation of any processing, request rectification or updating of the data processed, request cancellation or restriction of the data, object to processing on the grounds of legitimate interest, and exercise any other right provided for in the area of personal data protection.

For more information on these rights, any visitor may visit Garante Privacy website:

You can also contact Garante by filing a complaint, if you wish to report a breach of the GDPR or unlawful processing.
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